My Internship Experience at HNGi8

Aaron Sunday
5 min readOct 21, 2021


So it’s exactly 82day since I dropped a piece about my expectations through the HNGi8(season 8), and honestly non of it was in anyway cut short, it all started with a zero pro environment experienced me, always having confidence in my ability to adapt with systems regardless of how complicated it might look or be, well it was an entirely adventurous experience in my terms. And I gotta confess I had zero idea what happens in the process in terms of tasks an all, I’ll talk more about that shortly.

So we all started from stage 1 with task on writing what our expectation was which was really absurd to me cause really? I want to get codes assignments to deliver not some writing(cause I dislike it ;-)) and we need to host it online and that was a big scare to me, I mean like how do I go about all this? will I have to buy a space from a blogger, will they ask me for a number of views and comment… Ooo I think I have friends that got sites that post article so cool I’ll work with them and prolly tip them at the end, not until one search or the other opened my heads up to the abundance of how graciously generous the internet can be then I landed into the space ‘medium’ wow how nice, the medium I’ve been reading rich materials that helped me a great deal? fantastic. I wasted no time as I already have an account with them long ago then I completed the mission and behold stage two I went in. If I say everything bout all the stages I’ll prolly run through maximum characters permitted here haha.

Well from stage 2 moving forward we started getting task on writing codes which was my point of excitement as we got along we got to select our teams based on some philosophical legendary names (Darwin, Epictetus, Aristotle…) was nice, meanwhile you may have to convince the team leads on why they should pick you in their teams, well I think I couldn’t sell myself like I should cause I couldn’t get into the team I opted in for, regardless I got into the one of the best that existed throughout the experience. We was further separated into different stacks we belong to, then we begun to get our hand on… I got the privilege to work with a leader I nominated, feeling was nice actually haha.

Moving forward the system began to get hotter and hotter when we had task to deliver in a very little span of time and sometimes get an abrupt change in the rules, if you got the chance to take a nap you’re waking up to an entire different system cause what you slept with already expired (yeah it’s that awful haha) anyways you have to be actively following up with instructions that comes up from the mentors and ask questions as if you was a kid that needs to know why the sky is blue and why birds fly.

Task came that we had to deliver as a group and individuals at some point which I think the individual task was more appealing to me cause I could take my time and analyze and submit at due without interruption, than working in group where you’ll have millions of ideas to process and discern, which is the best to use, spending the entire day and nights on meetings or someone bussing your DMs or you’re getting calls to explain something, or you’re doing the same to someone hehe, and before you know it you’re battling with time for submission and all, but tell you what, that happens to be my most important experience cause it thought me how to get out of my comfort zone and establish the community working vibe as well as resilience, with that I got to meet new people, we became friends, learned from each other and we got the job done in abruptly no time.

We had moments where disagreements and confusions will set in, but that was all caused by the pressure, expect nothing less of such then again you can’t even remember who you was arguing with cause that was never the goal. One of the emotional moment for virtually everyone was when promotion came, hmmm watching most of your favorite acquaintances get dropped for one reason or the other will get you felling so damned or you’re gone too, and trust me it wasn’t funny a bit haha, but it’s a natural phenomena one ought to know.

Generally I will say I’ve never worked in a pressured environment as these, and I think it has prepared me for more ahead you know. With that I’ll gladly say I explored my perseverance capacity and I’m happy about that, learning under pressure was never my thing but I’d done more than I would if I was to be on my own, cause like I mention in my previous article I stopped learning because of “laziness” and “lack of community engagement”, but the systems gave me that exposure and now I can easily create a team which I’d done already and we are already working on a project to be done in hopefully a couple of months form now.

Now the spiciest(my time) part of the event haha, I got some pretty nice reviews from beautiful friends I made too…


And I can’t end this piece without giving the big credits to those who powered the scheme which are in no particular order; HNG, Ingressive for Good and Zuri Internship, my friends that encouraged me during the process, all those who didn’t make it to the end because of one reason or the other(not because they can’t) And to you all who took your precious time to read this far do someone you know might have interest in joining a favor by shearing too : -), drop a comment about the article generally (always opened to constructive criticism).

Love always.



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